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Pet Care, Catered to Your Furry Friend.

Pet Care, Catered to Your Furry Friend.

Choose Best Friends Animal Clinic in Shawnee, OK for personalized treatment plans

Dogs are known as man’s best friend, but animal lovers know that any pet can be your best friend, from rats to cats and everything in between! If your favorite furbaby needs medical attention, take it to Best Friends Animal Clinic. We’re a veterinary clinic based in Shawnee, Oklahoma that provides comprehensive pet care services.

Find out what our animal clinic can do for you and your furry family

From vaccinations to grooming, our Shawnee, OK animal clinic does it all

Do you need a new veterinarian in the Shawnee, OK area? Just need a new groomer? Either way, we can be of assistance. Best Friends Animal Clinic provides a number of veterinary services, including:

What pet care services do you need? The folks at Best Friends Animal Clinic want to be your go-to pet care professionals. Fill out the contact form to see how we can help you.

Speed up your pet’s recovery process with acupuncture

3 reasons to visit Best Friends Animal Clinic in Shawnee, OK


  • We provide comprehensive veterinary services. We want to be your go-to pet care provider. That’s why the professionals at Best Friends Animal Clinic can do anything from grooming to cancer treatments.
  • We’ll search for a holistic approach to your pet’s care. Don’t overmedicate your pet. We use a mix of homeopathic medicine and Western medicine, such as x-rays and vaccines, to treat your pet.
  • We care about your furry best friends like you do. You wouldn’t want to leave your pet in the hands of someone who isn’t an animal lover. In 26 years of business, our love of pets has never worn off.

Schedule your initial appointment with our Shawnee, Oklahoma veterinarian by calling 405-273-5617 today.

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