Keep Your Best Friend Healthy and Happy

Choose Best Friends Animal Clinic for veterinary services in Shawnee, OK

Some animals dread going to see the vet. But here at Best Friends Animal Clinic, we strive to be different. Whatever medical services your precious pet needs, we’ll provide them with top-notch care and patience. Together, let’s make your pet’s next trip to the animal clinic a positive and productive one.

Learn more about our range of veterinary services

Learn more about our range of veterinary services

When you choose a vet, you want to find a health care provider for your pet for life. That’s why Best Friends Animal Clinic offers a range of services, so you’ll never have to take your furbaby anywhere else. You can trust the professionals at our animal clinic to provide:

  • Cancer treatments
  • Emergency care
  • Regular checkups and appointments
  • Vaccinations and wellness checks
  • Dental cleanings
  • Spaying and neutering
  • Medical diagnoses

What medical services does your animal need? If you’re located in Shawnee, Oklahoma or the surrounding areas, call Best Friends Animal Clinic at 405-273-5617 to see if we can be of assistance.