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Senior Cat Care Tips

June 1, 2022
Is your feline buddy a senior? Kitties usually age quite gracefully, so you probably won’t see any drastic changes in your cute pet as she gets older. However, Fluffy will benefit from some extra TLC. Read on as a local Bethel Acres, OK vet offers a few tips on keeping cats happy and healthy as they age.

Offer Good Food

Good pet care really starts with a good diet. Fluffy should have a good, high-quality food, one that is appropriate to her age and health. Pay close attention to portion control. It’s very easy to overfeed a cat … especially one that has a kitty meltdown any time her dinner is late.

Provide Kitty Comforts

By the time she retires, Fluffy will be more interested in catching Z’s than in catching mice. Your furry pal will spend the vast majority sleeping or lounging around looking cute. Provide lots of soft beds. These should be easy for your kitty to get in and out of.

Watch For Subtle Changes

Cats are masters at concealing the signs of illness. They do this deliberately: it’s an instinctive behavior that, in the wild, would help keep them from attracting the attention of predators. Keep a close eye on Fluffy. Some things to look for would be changes in appetite, unkempt fur, litterbox issues, vomiting, weight changes, and uncharacteristic behavior. Call your vet if you notice anything off.

Keep Kitty In

Cats may love exploring outside, and rolling around in the grass, but these are not safe pastimes. Fluffy is at risk from some very serious dangers outdoors, including cars, weather, and wild animals. Older kitties are also not quick or agile enough to escape potential threats, and are therefore at increased risk of getting lost or hurt.

Visit The Vet

Make sure that Fluffy sees her doctor regularly. Regular exams will provide a baseline of your pet’s overall health, which can reveal changes before any symptoms occur.

Keep The Motor Going

We may like to joke about how cold and aloof cats are, but that really isn’t fair. Fluffy is quite emotional, and will be happiest if she feels loved and safe. Pay lots of attention to your feline pal! Cuddles, conversation, treats, and playtime all keep your kitty happy and purring. As your local Bethel Acres, OK animal clinic, we are dedicated to offering top-notch care. We’re here to help!
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