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Our Careteam

Your pet’s emotional and physical well-being is prioritized with every visit. We put the patients first!


Rebecca McCullough

Practice Manager

Growing up, much of Becca’s childhood was spent playing in mud puddle with newts and rescuing stray dogs and cats. That experience came in handy in 2013, when a tornado devastated part of Shawnee, OK, leaving countless pets separated from their homes. Becca spent 3 months rescuing these frightened animals, working with Dr. Roach to get them vetted, and then rehoming the unclaimed ones. During one particular spay/neuter day, while helping Dr. Roach prep the pets for surgery, he asked her to join the Best Friends Animal Clinic team, and the rest is history!

Becca was working in offices by the young age of 13. Over the years, she held various customer service and management positions, excelling in accounting, data entry and computers. In her 20s, she started taking veterinary assistant classes, eventually working her way up to veterinary technician coursework by her mid-30s. While life may have interrupted her education plans from time to time, animal rescue was always there, bringing her closer to ‘home’.

In her role as Practice Manager here at Best Friends Animal Clinic, Becca loves learning new things – something she feels keeps her mind young. She takes great pride in supporting and encouraging her team to advance themselves, whether through techniques, equipment and tools, or just better ways to do simple tasks. Setting her colleagues up for success is something Becca strives to do on a daily basis.

In 1998, Becca met her significant other, Mark, on a website he had built. The two officially became a couple in 2009. Their blended family consists of a daughter, Kaytee and a son, Quinn. In addition to their human children, there are almost too many animals to count, from the rabbits Mark raises on their micro farm, to the family’s beloved pets, which include five dogs, four cats, three reptiles, three chickens and a potbellied pig.

When she’s not busy managing the clinic or tending to her mini-zoo at home, Becca enjoys rock hounding with Mark. She also started taking Taekwondo with her son in 2018, and has since earned her brown belt and plans to continue training until she earns her black belt. Becca plans to return to school soon with the goal of becoming certified in Veterinary Practice Management.


Sarah Miller

Director of Technical Services

Growing up, most of Sarah’s family worked in human medicine. Sarah, on the other hand, was always drawn toward patients of the four-legged variety. In middle school, she attended an open house event at Oklahoma State University’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital. The experience solidified for her that a career in veterinary medicine was something she wanted to pursue. As our Lead Veterinary Assistant, Sarah gets to apply her passion for medicine and animals to help our patients enjoy long, happy, healthy lives!

Inspired by her trip to the veterinary school, Sarah spent some time job shadowing, both at a local vet clinic and as well as a small zoo. After high school, Sarah went on to earn her Associates degree in Veterinary Technology from OSUOKC. Over the years, she has worked in a high volume spay and neuter clinic as well as several other small animal practices. Sarah joined the Best Friends Animal Clinic team in August of 2013.

Clinically, Sarah finds looking under the microscope to be one of the most fascinating aspects of her job. Being able to dig deep to diagnose an illness and develop a treatment plan that makes a patient feel better is incredibly rewarding. Sarah also has an affinity for teeth cleanings. There’s something satisfying about removing all that buildup and uncovering a beautiful set of pearly whites underneath!

Sarah has been married to her husband, Aaron, since 2010. They are a family of five that includes Sarah’s Bonus Daughter, Trinity, the couple’s son Liam and their newest addition, a daughter named Nora, who joined them in 2021. Their fur children include: a Toy Aussie, Mollie, who is also a therapy dog; a food-obsessed Chihuahua mix named Ella, who hates sharing attention; and a cat, Biscuits, who is an expert paper shredder.

In her spare time, Sarah enjoys reading, spending time with family and friends, and playing video games with her husband and children.


Krystal Roderick

Veterinary Assistant

Born in North Carolina and raised in California, Krystal is someone who was always interested in animals, so joining the veterinary field seemed like the logical choice. Krystal is now a veterinary assistant at Best Friends Animal Center, where she is able to make a difference in the lives of abandoned animals!

Krystal’s veterinary career began when she took a job as a kennel tech. From that point, she moved up rather quickly and fell in love with assisting animals. She knew immediately that she wanted to stay in the field for a long time.

Krystal loves many things about Best Friend Animal Care. For instance, she relishes the ability to take in both the holistic and conventional sides of animal care. Also, she appreciates the environment she’s in, as it gives her a better chance to know her patients.

Today Krystal lives in Oklahoma with her husband Tayler, and their daughter, Gracelyn, and their son, Kasey.


April Kimmel

Veterinary Assistant

Sometimes when a person really loves animals, they’ll volunteer at a local animal shelter, or adopt stray animals. Other times, they’ll take it a step further and dive completely into the veterinary field. April decided to do the latter and now, as a veterinary assistant at Best Friends Animal Center, she is able to help assist and save the lives of the furry creatures she loves so much!

Since animals have no way of speaking to tell us what’s wrong, they can sometimes become shy and stressed out whenever they go to the vet office. April loves being able to relax shy animals, and offer them a friendly face that they can trust and be comfortable with. She also relishes the chance to work with “gross” cases, feeling a sense of satisfaction while working on laceration repairs, cysts and abscesses. 

Born and raised in Norman, OK, April began her veterinary career working overnight shifts at an emergency clinic for several years. This experience, along with her past roles working at a doggy daycares, an exotic fish store, and a primate sanctuary have all provided her with first-hand experience and skills that come in handy at her current position.

April still resides near Norman today, and she’s got a houseful of pets that keep her occupied. She has 4 cats, a one-eyed dog named Diddy and a ball python named Alan!


Carlee Randolph

Registered Veterinary Technician

Growing up in Oklahoma, surrounded by a plethora of pets, Carlee always knew she wanted to work with animals in some way. It wasn’t until she spent some time at a local clinic during her high school years that she determined it was the role of technician she found most appealing. As it turns out, she loves the hands-on, skilled learning aspect of the job. 

Carlee began her journey at a clinic in Harrah, OK before moving to Tishomingo, where she attended the veterinary technician program. Upon graduation in 2019, she moved back home and decided to join the Holistic Pet Care Center team in February of 2021. As one of our Registered Vet Techs, Carlee’s favorite thing to do is dentals. She also finds cleaning patients’ ears surprisingly satisfying.   

Outside of her clinic family, Carlee shares her life with her wonderful husband and their four dogs: Athena, Bear, Cherokee, and Enola. They all love to snuggle and go on car rides. When she’s not busy working or playing with her pups, Carlee can usually be found doing something outdoors. Her hobbies include scuba diving, camping and CrossFit. 

Perhaps Carlee’s biggest passion, though, is OU football. Having grown up traveling to games with her parents and brother, it became more like a family gathering than just a game.


Casey Skalla

Veterinary Assistant / Student

When Casey was in high school, she began developing a strong interest in anatomy and physiology, and that quickly developed into an interest in medicine. When she combined these with her strong passion for animals, it didn’t take her long to realize that her future would be in veterinary medicine. Today she’s a veterinary assistant at Best Friends Animal Center, and as a current veterinary student, she is on the fast track to officially becoming a veterinarian very soon!

Casey is fascinated by several aspects of her job. She loves the fact that each day presents its own unique set of challenges and obstacles, and she welcomes the challenges of treating different patients suffering from different issues. She also relishes the opportunity to closely inspect things under a microscope, whether she’s checking for parasites or monitoring a patient’s cell samples. What you see under a microscope is its own vast world, and Casey loves exploring it!

For the time being, Casey’s entire focus is completing her veterinary education so she can dive in and help the animals she loves so much. She graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma with a bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Sciences and two minors, including one in Business Administration. While she works her way through veterinary school , she also works at both HPCC and BFAC during school breaks, and this gives her even more opportunities to gain experience and learn more about high-quality integrative approaches to veterinary medicine.


Tammy Oliver

Grounds Coordinator

Tammy has always had a passion for helping people and animals alike. Working at a veterinary clinic allows her to apply both of these passions and enjoy the best of both worlds!

Tammy joined the Best Friends Animal Clinic team in July of 2013.

Outside of work, Tammy has three fur babies of her own: two dogs, named Sky and Ghost, and a cat named Cora Belle. Tammy enjoys building things in her spare time, especially if it involves the use of power tools. She also enjoys camping and hiking.

“One small cat changes coming home to an empty house to coming home.”

 – Pam Brown